Same Prices, Better Results

  1. Non-toxic or organic cleaning Solutions
  2. Air Purification
  3. Micro-Fiber Cloths
  4. Superior Cleaning Methods
  5. Constant Owner Availability and Support
  6. Insured, Caring and Mindful Staff
  7. Water and Hepa Filter Vacuum Systems
  8. High Throughput Air Particulate Cleaner

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"I cannot believe the difference your cleaning made in our home."

B.J.S. of Beverly Hills, MI

"The air quality was so great after the clean, it was like living in a park."

L.B. of Holland, MI

"A must have for any home owner."

J.F.P. of Bloomfield Hills, MI

What We Do

  • The 25 Step Green Clean

    Our Green Clean is a maintenance program unlike any other.

    We'll customize a program that suits the needs of your home and the demands of your schedule.

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  • The 35 Step Thorough Clean

    How long has it been since you've scrubbed your shower?

    When's the last time you dusted on top of your bookcases?

    Our thorough cleaning is great for first time customers.

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  • The 45 Step Deep Clean

    We'll bring $10,000 worth of cleaning technology and 4-5 staff members to scrub and detail your home like it has never been before.

    Sound interesting? Take a look inside to learn a little more.

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