The 25 Step Green Clean

The 25 Step Green Clean is a customized maintenance program that offers much more than your average cleaning company.

We use 100% environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, micro-fiber cloths, state-of-the-art water/HEPA filter vacuum cleaning systems, and special electronic air purifiers every time we come to clean.

And best of all, we cost just as much, or less than the other companies out there.

General Organic Services in action.

What's Included

  • Kitchen
    1. Clean Sink
    2. Clean Appliance Exterior
    3. Clean Inside Microwave
    4. Clean Range Top
    5. Wipe Cabinet Doors
    6. Clean Counter Tops
    7. Vacuum, Hand Wash Floors
    8. Purify Air
    9. Clean Particulates from Air
  • Bathroom
    1. Clean Sink, Counters
    2. Clean and Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers
    3. Hand Wash Floors
    4. Clean Mirrors
    5. Purify Air
    6. Clean Particulates from Air
  • All Rooms
    1. Straighten Up Rooms
    2. Wipe Sills, Ledges
    3. Remove Cobwebs
    4. Dust / Vacuum Furniture
    5. Vacuum Floors
    6. Vacuum Stairs
    7. Vacuum Under Bed
    8. Empty Trash
    9. Purify Air
    10. Clean Particulates from Air