The 35 Step Green Clean

How long has it been since your home was truly clean? When was the last time you scrubbed your shower or dusted on top of your bookcases?

The 35 Step Thorough Clean takes care of all of that and so much more! We'll vacuum from the corner of your ceilings down to the baseboards. We'll scrub down that shower, and get all of those fingerprints off of the doorframes.

We can customize a Green Clean Maintenance Program, so you can enjoy the effects of the Thorough Clean for years to come.

What's Included

    1. Wipe Trim, Molding & Doors
    2. Treat Hardwood Floors with Bona Floor Cleaner
    3. Scrub Tile & Grout
    1. Scrub Showers
    2. Scrub Tubs
    3. Clean Entrance Window
    4. Clean Window Above Kitchen Sink
    1. Dust Picture Frames
    2. Dust Lamps & Lamp Shades
    3. Wipe Fingerprints from Doors and Handrails

Plus Everything from the 25 Step Green Clean

  • Kitchen
    1. Clean Sink
    2. Clean Appliance Exterior
    3. Clean Inside Microwave
    4. Clean Range Top
    5. Wipe Cabinet Doors
    6. Clean Counter Tops
    7. Vacuum, Hand Wash Floors
    8. Purify Air
    9. Clean Particulates from Air
  • Bathroom
    1. Clean Sink, Counters
    2. Clean and Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers
    3. Hand Wash Floors
    4. Clean Mirrors
    5. Purify Air
    6. Clean Particulates from Air
  • All Rooms
    1. Straighten Up Rooms
    2. Wipe Sills, Ledges
    3. Remove Cobwebs
    4. Dust / Vacuum Furniture
    5. Vacuum Floors
    6. Vacuum Stairs
    7. Vacuum Under Bed
    8. Empty Trash
    9. Purify Air
    10. Clean Particulates from Air